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A list of Pixar films that I did/did not cry in

-Toy Story (1995)
 Did I cry?: No. When this movie came out I was young and emotionally invulnerable.

-A Bug's Life (1998)
Did I cry?: No. Don't remember much about this one. Anthropomorphic bugs, who cares? 

-Toy Story 2 (1999)
Did I cry?: Yes, but not in the theater. The first time around, I didn't really feel the gravity. However, on the eve of my college graduation I downed the better part of a six pack and watched Toy Story 2 with some close friends and sobbed my brains out. It was a six pack of Zima, not beer.

When the tears started flowing:  At the end, when Woody and the toys come to peace with their mortality, but decide that it's okay, because at least they have each other. That was heavy stuff to hear from a cartoon cowboy, man.
-Monster's Inc. (2001)

Did I cry?: Yes. This was my first computer-animated three-hanky-weeper.

When the tears started flowing:  Probably at the end, when Sulley takes Boo back to her room and shreds the magic door.

-Finding Nemo (2003)
Did I cry?: No. I thought this movie was bunk.

-The Incredibles (2004)

 Did I cry?: No, although I enjoyed it very much. During my last flight to Europe American Airlines played The Incredibles on a loop for eight hours. I will say, it stands up pretty well to repeat viewings.

-Cars (2006)
Did I cry?: Yes. I was not turned on by the cars-as-people concept, so I skipped this in the theater. Also, isn't the entire plot borrowed from a Michael J. Fox film? A year or two later, I broke down and watched the DVD while house-sitting for my former editor, Andrew Beaujon. There were some tears.

When the tears started flowing: It was the montage depicting pre-bust Radiator Springs. I can't say why I found it so touching.

-Ratatouille (2007)

Did I cry?: Yes.

When the tears started flowing: I can't remember. Probably had something to do with Remy's artistic ambitions falling flat with his family.

-WALL-E (2008)

Did I cry?: Totally.

When the tears started flowing: There were so many weepy parts in this movie, it's hard to pin it down. A little bit in the beginning, when he watches Hello Dolly alone with the cockroach, and then full-on blubbering when he gets crushed toward the end. Totally pathetic.

-Up (2009)

Did I cry?: Yes.

When the tears started flowing: Honestly, did anybody survive the first 20-minutes of this movie with a dry eye? I started bawling when they built the nursery and it was all downhill from there.

-Toy Story 3 (2010)

 Did I cry?: Yes.

 When the tears started flowing: At the end, when the toys hold hands and bravely face imminent doom.